The Best Boveda for Weed: Which Humidity Level is Perfect? (2022)

Nobody likes dried up bud that barely gets you blazed.

Just like when your car depreciates the minute it leaves the lot, cannabis loses its potency as soon as you open the baggy.

Thankfully, Boveda packs have changed the cannabis storage game.

These unique packets help maintain potent-smelling cannabis buds chock full of cannabinoids and fresh with flavor.

Let’s go over the best Boveda for weed.


Why Does Weed Lose Freshness?

Anytime you pick a plant it begins the dying process.

The bud no longer receives nutrient and water.

As a result, the stomata closes up.

All of the chemical compounds that make up marijuana begin to oxidize as the fresh-picked flowers hit the air.

Just like aging people naturally do with time, the bud starts to lose moisture.

In turn, THC and other terpenes dissipate into the atmosphere.

This leaves you with a stale bud that packs no punch.

Other Problems Storing Weed

You are most likely going to store your bud inside of an airtight container.

While this will keep scents in, storage containers for weed also hold in water vapor.

As your weed starts to oxidize, it releases water vapor into the air.

This water vapor will get trapped in the container with the weed.

In turn, mold and mildew may fester and ruin your supply.

Embracing the Moisture

Humidity is a slippery slope when it comes to cannabis.

Much like the role it plays in helping cannabis plants grow, humidity also plays a big role in preserving your buds.

Having water vapor in the air helps keep your bud sticky, maintaining the flavor and potency of the flower.

While dry weed will still get you high, it won’t be as intense and will lack the flavor you know and love from marijuana.

That’s why you need to control the humidity with Boveda packs.

Boveda for Dry Weed

The greatest cure for dry weed is not to let it get dry in the first place.

However, whether you need to revitalize drying bud or want to preserve the green you already have, Boveda packs are an efficient way to save your stash.

Place a Boveda bag into your humidor.

These little packets work much like a silica package placed inside a shoe box with a new pair of kicks.

How do Boveda Bags Work?

The key ingredient in the best Boveda for weed is salt.

Boveda’s specialists have precisely measured how salt can affect the relative humidity of an environment.

In turn, they helped engineer Boveda Humidipaks.

The way these Humidipaks make Boveda for dry weed so effective is what they call “2-way humidity control.”

Their Humidipaks control humidity by slowly secreting stored saltwater from a reverse osmosis membrane.

What is a Reverse Osmosis Membrane?

The purpose of reverse osmosis is to remove large particles from the air.

That includes molds and mildews that can contaminate the bud.

A reverse osmosis membrane is composed of a thick and porous polyamide film.

These pores tend to vary from 0.1 to 5,000 nanometers.

Due to the size of the polyamide film’s pores, the saltwater seeps into the air at a slow rate, prolonging the life of the Boveda bags.

Humidity Levels for Cannabis

To find the best Boveda for weed that suits your needs, you need to understand a bit about the best humidity levels for cannabis.

The first thing you will notice about Boveda packs is that they have a percentage number on them.

This percentage is the relative humidity.

What is Relative Humidity?

Relative humidity can be a bit of a confusing term to understand, so let’s try to break it down.

It's the measurement of how much water is in the air in comparison to how much water the air can hold.

The kicker with relative humidity is that it changes with temperature.

Hot air holds more water vapor.

Therefore, higher temperatures have a higher relative humidity.

What Are the Best Humidity Levels for Cannabis?

Just like any flower you pick, you need to water it because flowers don’t retain water very well.

An ideal range is to keep your cannabis buds between 55% and 62% relative humidity.

Having a higher ratio will keep your nuggets fluffy and flavor intact.

However, going much higher can lead to the birth of disease on your picked buds.

Best Boveda for Weed

Now that you know how relative humidity can affect cannabis and which levels it should be at, you are almost ready to get the best Boveda for weed.

There’s just one more thing to keep in mind.

The actual climate you live in will have an impact on the relative humidity your plant's experience.

This should play a big factor in how you choose the best Boveda for weed in your home.

Let's get ranking the top to bottom in the quest to find the best Boveda for weed.

Boveda 58 vs. 62

These two are being ranked as number one because it's a tie in terms of quality.

Cannabis will thrive being stored at either humidity level.

The Boveda 58 will bring you 15% more terpene retention.

It is right above the sweet spot in the best humidity levels for cannabis.

The same can be said for the Boveda 62.

Regarding maintaining optimal relative humidity for cannabis, you can go with either option in the Boveda 58 vs. 62 debate.

If you are storing blunts in your humidor as well, go with the 62%, although you still might want to upgrade.

Boveda 65

The Boveda 65 was designed for Cuban cigars because they mold when you reach a higher relative humidity level.

Granted you are probably not rolling up with a Cuban (and if you are, good for you).

If it’s good for a Cuban, it’s good for a Dutch if you ask me.

Problems with Boveda 65 for Cannabis

At 65% relative humidity you are not too far above what is considered the ideal relative humidity for cannabis.

However, keep in mind that you are storing it with other products such as a blunt.

Therefore, you have more water vapor in the air.

You also have another product that requires moisture to stay flavorful.

If you notice a difference in your weed quality, you need to downgrade your Boveda bag and store the bud separate from your blunt.

Burp Your Weed

When you are playing with high humidity levels, it’s good to burp your weed for ten seconds once a day.

This allows pressure weighing down on the bud to be released.

By doing this, you let a lot of the excess carbon dioxide and other potential contaminants to escape the airtight container.

Plus being so far over the ideal relative humidity, you want to release some of that vapor.

It’ll be good for the cigars too.

Boveda 72 for Weed

You only want to use the Boveda 72 for weed if you live in an extremely dry environment.

Try starting off with a Boveda 62, then a Boveda 65, and even a Boveda 69 before working your way to a Boveda 72.

If you are using a wooden humidor, containers exchange moisture with the relative humidity inside of them.

Therefore, the 72 helps draw out extra moisture to keep the relative humidity in the high 60's.

For those storing in glass, Boveda 72 for weed isn’t the best option.

Boveda 49 for Weed

Unless you get a multipack with Boveda 49 in it, don’t get this for cannabis.

Boveda 49 is not the best Boveda for weed.

This product was created to preserve the wood in humidors, cabinets, and wooden instruments.

How Many Boveda Bags Do I Need?

Since they are formulated to reach a specific relative humidity, they do not over-humidify.

Therefore, to accommodate a larger space or paraphernalia, more than one Boveda bag is recommended.

For the complete list of recommendations courtesy of Boveda, click here.

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